Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991
Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.

Peter Taylor
CEO, Townsend Building Services

All of my clients since 1991 faced one giant challenge that was sucking the life out of them when we first began working together - they felt like they were working much harder than they needed to be, and that business success was coming at far too great a personal cost.

Some people think that’s a price worth paying. My clients don’t.

My work with you is all about helping you to identify and implement proven principles in your own best way, that mean you're achieving your best business results, without sacrificing anything that’s precious in your personal life.

Foundational is the appreciation principle which I explore in the 2 minutes and 16 seconds video below.

What I know for certain from my 25 years of working with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries, is that accelerate how you appreciate and get the best out of yourself and other people, and accountability accelerates too.

This unique combination of appreciation and accountability acceleration is the simplest path that I know of to better business results at less personal cost.

Proven principles that my clients
have found to be the most valuable,
all in one place

Inside this handbook are the 29 proven principles that my clients have found since 1991 to be the most valuable in their personal and business lives, and that they’ve learned to apply in their own best ways, meaning: 

More people are leading and being accountable in their business,

They have total discretion about where to best focus their personal time and energy, and

Business results are better and there is sustainable positive momentum.

I've just completed Parts 1 & 2 of the penultimate draft of this handbook and I'm writing Part 3.

I'd love your help

I'd really appreciate and value candid and convivial feedforward and feedback.

You can overview content and email me to get the handbook from here should you be willing to help.

Thank You in advance!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian for close to two years in one-on-one and group settings. Ian’s unconventional in his approach (refreshing!) but works to a brilliantly simple yet powerful philosophy that centres around our experiences as human beings (shocking I know!!). He’s a purpose and values-driven mentor and team builder who I’d recommend to anyone.

Chris Pike
General Manager – Culture & Community, Surf Coast Shire Council

Below is a snapshot of some of the great organisations whose leaders I've helped to thrive since 1991

Ian Berry has been a catalyst for a number of our people improving their performance. I have personally benefitted greatly from Ian’s mentoring. He has unique powers in helping people to become change champions. I highly recommend him.

John McNamara
Executive General Manager Statutory Workers Compensation Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd

Better Business Results At Less Personal Cost For Business Owners & Leaders Since 1991

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