Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991
Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

Creator, Teacher and Mentor of value-driven leadership 
| Quantum Leap Expert | The Mentor's Mentor

guaranteeing better business results at less human and business cost 
since 1991

Chris Pike

General Manager – Culture & Community, Surf Coast Shire Council

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian for close to two years in one-on-one and group settings. Ian’s unconventional in his approach (refreshing!) but works to a brilliantly simple yet powerful philosophy that centres around our experiences as human beings (shocking I know!!). He’s a purpose and values-driven mentor and team builder who I’d recommend to anyone.

What’s in me for you

My special expertise is co-creating with you and carefully selected leaders small yet significant shifts (quantum leaps) in your value delivery. The result for you will be better business results at less human and business cost.

My expertise is carefully honed (and a work in progress) through working with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries since 1991.

I've also conducted over 2000 master-classes, given over 700 keynote
presentations, and researched and written a 
blog for more than a decade.

Please download books and other resources developed with my compliments.

Where we begin

My great conclusion from my work is that
Enlightened Language elevates conversations,
Conversations enrich relationships,
Relationships enable business.

The secret is that you must use the right language, for the right reasons, at the right time, for the right person (people). This sets off a chain reaction that leads to better business results at less human and business cost.

Our work together begins with quantum leap improvements in these areas.

The model pictured is the first of several proven models we may work with. The objective always is your application of the proven models in your own best way.

Collectively I call these models value-driven leadership aka law of the farm leadership.  
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How we will work together

I provide sprint, marathon and mentoring your mentors options. Regardless of how long we may work together you always have a monthly exit option.


We'll undertake a unique performance data review and conduct conversations to unearth value delivery enhancement opportunities and possibilities (1 - 3 days). Exit option at completion.

Sprint option

In the morning I host a
presentation/conversation master-class about the one-thing focus area we have agreed on. In the afternoon I facilitate an execution planning session. Exit option at completion or we commence another sprint or shift to a marathon or mentoring your mentors project.

Marathon option

I conduct sprint as above and then host 
weekly check-ins online to keep progress visible plus I provide 1:1 and group mentoring to keep people accountable. 3 - 11 weeks per project depending if 30, 60 or 90 days. Exit option monthly and at completion or we commence another marathon, sprint or shift to a mentoring your mentors project.


These are conducted post sprint and marathon. I assess results and facilitate a session on how learnings will be made integral to daily work (1 day). Exit option at completion. After-action reviews are built-in to mentoring your mentors projects.

Mentoring Your Mentors

Carefully selected people can join the peer group program or we can put together a private program.  

I teach participants how to be role models and mentors of the most valuable proven principles that I have learned about value delivery which I regard as the essential ingredient for success whatever business you're in.

Peter Taylor - CEO, Townsend Building Services

Peter Taylor

CEO Townsend Building Services

As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.

Who I work with

Should you own a business or be a senior leader with more than 20 employees and 5 million turnover, and operate in the communities of my neighbourhood, i.e. the cities of Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne and places in between them, then I'm for you. I also travel for work outside these areas 10% of the time.

Key philosophies that underpin all of our work together

I’ve learned that what I say is important yet nowhere near as important as what you hear yourself say to yourself, who you become, and what you do next in your quest to be the best version of yourself.

My work with you is based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. We will agree on objectives, how we will recognise and appreciate progress, and the value to you and your business of our working together.

My professional fees are based on agreed value. You will only ever be invoiced one month in advance meaning you always have a monthly exit option.

My aim always is to give you a minimum 10 times return on your investment in my services.

Narelle Mason

Finance Accountant/Enterprise Manager, Ballarat and Queen's Anglican Grammar School

Ian adds value & depth to structure, people development, meetings and conversations. Mentoring sessions are always enlightening and solutions based. For any business that is needing to thrive through change, Ian can offer a range of tools to support this with a humanised approach.

Next Step

Let's have a no obligation conversation. My telephone number is +61 418 807 898. Please call and we will schedule a time to chat.

About me

From 1974 - 1991 I enjoyed a very successful corporate finance career including leading a 100million business unit.

I held Branch, Regional, and State manager roles in three Australian states receiving numerous awards for my leadership, development of people, and results.

Since then I've been a mentor to more than 1000 business leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries.

I've also given more than 2700 presentations. I hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, which places me in the top 7% of all professional speakers worldwide.

I'm a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

Below is a snapshot of some of the organisations whose leaders I've helped to thrive since 1991

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