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Who do you trust outside your business
who you can have a conversation with about your business?

My answer is members of my master-mind groups and my mentors.

Narelle Mason

 Finance and Operations Manager
Ballarat Regional Industries 


Ian adds value & depth to our structure, people development, meetings and conversations. Mentoring sessions are always enlightening and solutions based. For any business that is needing to thrive through change, Ian can offer a range of tools to support this with a humanised approach. Solutions will naturally result.

What's a master-mind group?

I've been engaged in and passionate about master-mind groups since I read about them in Napoleon Hill's classic book Think & Grow Rich 35 years ago. I've presented to over 100 CEO/Senior leader groups, and introduced (through collaboration) the concept to my professional speakers association.

Today I describe a business master-mind group as the safe place to go to talk about the things you can't talk about anywhere else with a small group of trusted peers from non-competing business, and to tap into the street-smarts and support of a mentor.

Key benefits of belonging to a master-mind group

Safe sounding board for testing ideas and opportunities.

A nonthreatening yet challenging and inspirational environment to explore and capture unique ways to achieve better business results at less personal cost.

Time to give attention to what really matters to you, and to work on yourself and on your business.

Discovery of unique ways to scale up and ensure your business is fit for the future.

Determining sure-fire ways to maintain the positive momentum essential for the remarkablisation of your workplace.

More people leading and being accountable in your business as you implement with them ideas gained in your group.

Impartial feedforward and feedback from respected peers in non-competitive businesses.​

The irreplaceable and unique shared experience, wisdom, resources and networks.

In the spirit of something better

You have a great business, full of great people, who are doing great work. Master-mind or peer groups are about being respectful and honouring of what has been and is, yet always with the intention that we are in the continuous pursuit of something better and turning great into remarkable.

We learn by doing. We learning by giving and getting advice, by engaging with other people who help us see what we can't see.
Seth Godin

There are two great opportunities available to join a master-mind group. There's an in person and online option.

In Person Master-mind

How this group works

We meet 2 - 4.30 p.m. once a month, scheduled 3 months in advance. I chair the group and facilitate candid and convivial conversation, and provide input. 

Our process
1. Individual Members provide a personal and business update by sharing two aspects of both their personal and business lives - what I’ve implemented since last time (what’s worth celebrating), what I’m currently working on.

2. Members In The Spotlight session - two members schedule their spot a month in advance. They present a problem, challenge, or opportunity and receive members feedforward, feedback, insights, ideas and inspiration.

3. I present a Personal and Business Development Session. Quarterly this highly interactive session is presented by carefully selected professional presenters and/or business ‘legends’ with particular expertise highly relevant for group members.

4. We have an action/decision session where each member considers their needs, expectations, and desires and value from today’s gathering and decides the one action to take next. Execution of this action is the main focus of the 1:1 mentoring session.

This group commenced in June 2016 with 5 leaders (Narelle Mason, Chris Packer, Darren Rix, Jamie Wilson, and Troy Beaston) from the following businesses.

We meet in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia (my place of birth) on the 4th Wednesday of every month. In between group gatherings I provide a 1:1 mentoring session for each member. We'd love you to join us a we grow to the maximum 15 members.

Please note that operating in Ballarat is not essential to being a member. Should you live and work within comfortable driving distance you're very welcome. I myself drive 1.5 hours for the monthly gatherings and 1:1's.

Please telephone me on 0418 807 898 to explore joining us. You'll be under no obligation.

Through team or organisation membership of the community your can ensure your team or more than one team become master-mind groups. Learn more here and then give me a call to discuss your preferences.

Darren Rix

Franchisee Avis Ballarat & Western Victoria, Budget Ballarat & Bendigo


At the start of 2015 it became clear on the road ahead for my business we were facing some serious challenges.

We had just purchased the Budget franchise and were experiencing inconsistent business results, some big rental agency changes, and some poor staff attitudes had crept in.

I had heard Ian speak at a function in 2014 and I had been impressed with the message of his talk that day.

Ian has worked as a mentor to me for the last 14 months. He's also run sessions and worked 1:1 with my staff.

We've made several small shifts in how we conduct our business that have made a significant difference with my key people, how we work, and to our results.

I'm now continuing the journey through membership of the master-mind group.

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