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Welcome to my Monday Morning Momentum January 2016 videos and associated resources.

The theme for January 2016 was 'The four fundamentals for increasing employee engagement'. I recommend that you watch the 4 videos below (total viewing time just a few seconds over 7 minutes) and then:

Decide on the one action you will take this week, or that you can incorporate into your work in the next 90 days.

The 'one great idea' is that we learn by doing and that coaching and mentoring and formal learning must be in alignment.


The 'one great idea' is that for your strategy to get executed every employee needs their unique piece of the map.

The 'one great idea' is that candid and convivial communication and conversations are paramount for success in our personal and business lives.

The 'one great idea' is that the purpose of every person's role in your business is to deliver value, and that clarity of what this means for everyone precedes them being accountable.

If you want to go deeper into the 'one great idea' presented in each video above, please download the handbook by clicking on the cover below.

Since the publication of the above handbook and the 3 more that followed I've put everything together into one resource, 'The Appreciative Leader' handbook.

You can get your copy of this signed, numbered, limited edition handbook here.

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Peter Taylor
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