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Events that will help you
to be remarkable

The seminar and wine and wisdom events require a small investment. You can find out more and register here. The accelerator event is a gift yet exclusive for members of The Appreciative Leader Community.

Symposiums are your opportunity to explore with me personally and other people of like heart and mind, the gifts I'm providing. Symposiums are online and are also gifts.

The topic for 5th June 2017 is 'Remarkable is the new normal'. Download the workbook and get your ticket/s here.

While there's demand for these symposiums I'll conduct one a month February through November. Please email me with topic requests.

Remarkablise Your Team is my flagship online master-mind group program which runs for 90 days.

Find out more about the next program which begins on the 18th July here.

Find out about other master-mind groups here.

Take the Remarkablise Your Leadership online course here.

Gifts That Will Help You To Be Remarkable

Below is access to the best of my learning, unlearning, and relearning (that can be digitalised) about the remarkablisation of workplaces from my work with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries since 1991.

Gift Mentoring Session
because sometimes you don't want to watch, read, or listen,
you just want to have a conversation with someone who has been around the block a few times

I'm available at times shown below on Mondays for a 20 minute session.

We'll meet online via my Zoom meeting room. I'll provide the link via email after you book.

We'll pinpoint together one area of focus where success is crucial to you right now. You'll leave your session with at least one great idea that you can begin to immediately implement.

Please note: Only one gift mentoring session available per person.

Business Vitality Check-ups

One of my one-off and regular professional services is using proven tools and techniques and my expertise to provide you with a check-up.

Pictured below is the newest of the tools I use to help me to fully understand exactly where you are, and precisely where you want to go to next . You can download it here. Inside are 8 awesome actions you can begin to take today.

You can download the six remarkability pulse checks that I use to establish needs, expectations, and desires before I tailor-make my work with my clients here.

This special guide and pulse check are based on the most valuable lesson I have learned about highly successful workplaces since 1991 through working as a mentor - when people feel valued, live values, and deliver value, the enterprise is highly successful, regardless of industry, country, or economic climate.


My short interview about remarkable leadership with Gihan Perera is here.

My wide ranging interview with The Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald is here.

We explore:
Why Simplification is the Next Big Thing
Why management is dead and it should never have been alive 
The importance of storytelling for Leadership and Performance 
Why Management is the arch-enemy of Innovation
The greatest problem in the world today and how it shapes corporate culture
Why the typical approach to having people be Accountable is flawed
What the Positive Psychology Movement means for organisations
Why organisations need more gardeners and fewer mechanics
Why your role is more important than your job
The crucial power of relationships for delivering value
Why Engagement levels have not improved over the past 25 years
The key insight from Neuroscience
Why Society drives the Economy and not the other way around
The illusion of control and management
Why we need to change the conversation to create change
A simple practice you can use today to improve your results
The necessity of a vision and a shared view of reality
The paradox of being simple when dealing with complex human beings

I post a blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please click on the icon below to access.

In May 2017 I'm celebrating 10 years of blogging with a series of special posts. I'll be putting them all into an ebook called 'Meaningful Work and The Meaning of Life' which you'll be able to download from this page on the 31st May 2017.

Changing What's Normal

I also share insights I find valuable via the Scoop.it platform
on change champions and the new world of work. These are also shared via LinkedIn and Twitter (see below) should you be connected to me on either platform.

Books and ebooks

Download my Changing What's Normal book.
Just sign-up for my irregular musings by clicking on Download Now.

I strongly recommend this book to people who share a passion for making the world a better place through collaboration, shared values, noble objectives and a desire to get the very best out of the people around them and as a consequence out of themselves.

Terry McGivern 
Chief Operating Officer Smurfitt Kappa France

When you download my book 12 families in need receive 3 nourishing meals through my partnership with B1G1.

Without nourishment no one can fully appreciate and get the best out of themselves.

B1G1 – 100 million+ micro-giving activities. Join the revolution yourself here.​

More recommended reading

You can download my top 21 recommended business books you should read here.

My full recommended reading list is here.

For the tenth consecutive year I'm pleased to contribute to Gihan Perera's Expect More ebook. My contribution is on page 6. You can download this ebook by clicking on the cover below.​

Mini leadership development online experience that will yield you maximum results when you take action in your own best way.
It's called Reasons, Relationships, and Routines Guarantee Results
You'll find it here.

My Blue Papers are popular self-directed achievement courses.
Click on the covers to download and begin.

The one thing that will guarantee you succeed in the business changes you lead - a Blue Paper by Ian Berry
One Conversation that will Save You Time, Energy and Money on
The one thing you must do to get lasting performance improvements from your Learning and Development investment - a Blue Paper by Ian Berry

To access the 24 videos and 4 handbooks
that were the forerunner to The Appreciative Leader handbook
go here for 'The four fundamentals of increasing employee engagement', 
here for 'Leadership, Management, and Culture 3.0',
here for 'Sustaining shared-view in the seven areas of significance where the most successful leaders stand out',
and here for 'The 8 Roles The Appreciative Leader Plays Remarkably Well.'

As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.

Peter Taylor 
CEO – Townsend Building Services

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