Changing What’s Normal, The Appreciative Leader, and Remarkable Workplaces books and companion resources web pages.

Changing What's Normal is the book I always wanted to write. One of the readers of the drafts suggested it was more than one book and so began my quest to write a trilogy.

Please download the PDF version of this first book with my compliments from here.
Learn more about this book. Included with the book is an extensive companion resources web page with suggested possible actions.

The Appreciative Leader handbook is the sequel to Changing What's Normal. 

Please download this handbook with my compliments here.
You can view the companion resources web page to the handbook here.

Remarkable Workplaces completes this trilogy.

There's also a companion resources web page. You can view and download this book here.

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How we can work together

I mentor a handful of business leaders. Contact me at +61 418 807 898 to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit.

I also conduct group mentoring sessions, host/facilitate people development and business process improvement conversations, and speak at a small number of conferences, in house meetings and events for clients of clients.

Sue Miller

Executive Assistant to CEO & Mayor Mount Barker District Council

I had the privilege of experiencing your address to delegates at an Australian Institute of Office Professionals conference in Adelaide in 2013. I also purchased your book, ‘Changing What’s Normal’ - you kindly signed it for me and encouraged me to continue being the difference I want to see. 

I have since re-read your book many times and ‘done my work’ by acting upon your sparkenations. I have tried to live and promote the philosophy of enlightened self-interest, and can honestly say you have had a profound impact on both my professional and private life.

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