Is change feeling complicated, tiresome and costly, instead of simple, profound, and profitable?

How to make change refreshing...

Change Cost & Complexity Too High For Given ROI

McKinsey and other leading experts have long suggested, based on their research, that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver their intended benefits.

In our work since 1991 we conclude that the average failure rate is between 51% and 54% for healthy teams.

(In our experience, the failure rate is much higher within dysfunctional/non-performing teams where key issues are not addressed prior to undertaking the change initiative.)

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

While we align with Gandhi the challenge is often that when people talk about change, what they really mean is everyone else changing and not them!

This is because it’s often very difficult to accept, on a practical level, that:

  • All change is personal first
  • Relationship change follows personal change
  • Organisational change is a distant third result of the above two, when they're done well, with a high degree of trust.

What's really needed is...

  • Expertise that inspires safe and gainful personal and relationship change in the workplace
  • Leaders who get that a key role of leadership is developing more leaders, not more followers
  • Upgraded management tools that operate in harmony with this type of leadership
Ian Berry Increased and Sustainable Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

That’s why we:

  • Focus on safe personal and relationship change before undertaking organisational change
  • Teach and mentor leaders to develop more leaders
  • Assist with upgrading processes, policies, procedures (and all the other facets of modern people and process management) to make it simple and rewarding for people to bring their very best to work every day
Michael HoddyIBM Alliance Director EMEA-LAM, Schneider Electric, Europe

I first met Ian Berry when he was a keynote speaker at an Institute of Directors event in UK. His presentation was passionate and sincere, and his wisdom quite simply compelling.

Since then, I have been fortunate to actively benefit from Ian’s guidance and advice, which have helped me to focus my leadership on both a personal and business level. I count Ian as an outstanding mentor, and I value his input, support and guidance very highly.

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