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Learn more from David Ednie.

Learn more from Glenn Capelli.

I'm thrilled that Glenn will be presenting at my June master-class in Ballarat. There will be limited guest places available. Please contact me to discuss your participation.

Learn more from Andrew Thorp.

You'll find more of the videos I've personally been involved in at my YouTube channel.

The book 'Reinventing Organisations' by Frederic Laloux makes my top 21 recommended business books you should read. Frederic is now doing a video series which I am really valuing. Check them out yourself.

Frederic says "This video series lives in the gift economy. The videos are not "free." I share them with you with the invitation to enter the flow of giving and receiving, and to gift back what feels right to you." I participated and will further. You can too.


My short interview about remarkable leadership with Gihan Perera is here.

My wide ranging interview with The Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald is here.
We explore:
Why Simplification is the Next Big Thing
Why management is dead and it should never have been alive 
The importance of storytelling for Leadership and Performance 
Why Management is the arch-enemy of Innovation
The greatest problem in the world today and how it shapes corporate culture
Why the typical approach to having people be Accountable is flawed
What the Positive Psychology Movement means for organisations
Why organisations need more gardeners and fewer mechanics
Why your role is more important than your job
The crucial power of relationships for delivering value
Why Engagement levels have not improved over the past 25 years
The key insight from Neuroscience
Why Society drives the Economy and not the other way around
The illusion of control and management
Why we need to change the conversation to create change
A simple practice you can use today to improve your results
The necessity of a vision and a shared view of reality
The paradox of being simple when dealing with complex human beings

Podcasts are arguably the latest big thing. There's zillions of them! I choose not to play in the space apart from the above. Here's Medium best 101 for 2018 list.

My best advice pick no more than three. Change your three regularly.

Me personally I'm currently listening to Tim Ferris, Seth Godin and Daniel Pink.

Tom Peters is my hero. He has a web page he calls The Works. There's videos, PDF's, slidedecks etc. I visit often.

One of my favourites is Tom's Top 50 Have You's. The 50 are who real leaders are and what they do.

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Jacqueline Doon

Managing Director, Ormco Pty Ltd, Australia

I wanted to write to say thank you again, for such an inspiring lecture you gave to the TEC 19 group, up in the Blue Mountains over a week ago. You have had a significant impact on my thinking for the future and life in general. I know I will have contact with you again. 

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