Spending far too much time, energy and money dealing with what are viewed as people problems?

Here's how to break the stalemate...


Having interviewed over 4,000 senior leaders, they said that on average, they spend 27% of their week managing what they regard as people problems.

Ultimately, almost all business performance issues are a mix of people and/or process issues, with most being attributable to people.

Normal solutions (which include productivity reviews, performance appraisals, and competency based training) don’t often produce lasting results, because these current processes usually fail to address the fundamental human wants and needs.

What's really needed are...

  • Conversations that authentically value and appreciate people as the one-of-a-kind human beings that each of us are
  • Values being lived in every day interactions and transactions
  • Agreement about and delivery of the value people demand, desire, and feel that they deserve
Ian Berry Increased and Sustainable Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

That’s why we take a different view, and do the following :

  • Teach people how to have candid and natural performance conversations that appreciate people when they do well, help them to be accountable and find solutions smoothly when things don’t go according to plan
  • Ensure people are able to live and share the company values in a natural and meaningful way, and to track the outcomes of doing so
  • Help people to discover and enhance their gifts (talents) so that they gladly bring their best to their work every day in the delivery of value to others
Michelle PowellManaging Director, WaiveStar Group

Ian is an industry leader, and an expert with incredible insight into what you need to do to enhance peoples' inherent gifts and bring out the very best performance of your leaders and employees.

WaiveStar Group asked Ian to consult to our business over 6 months ago and his wisdom and mentoring skills have changed and enhanced the way each and every one of us interact with our team members, our peers and our clients. Lifting the bar every day on how we do business.

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