Dealing with the ‘Darth Vader’ in the way of increased and sustainable momentum in your business

by Ian Berry September 2015

I’ve been taking a really hard look at the uncertainty and overwhelm we face.

Right now, the cost, time and stress of people and performance related issues is higher than I have ever seen it since I began working as a mentor for business owners and leaders 25 years ago.

Some business leaders are worrying about the threat of recession, others political inaction. Some leaders are losing sleep through fear of being disrupted in some way. Many leaders are worrying about all three.

Astute leaders are having conversations and making decisions about something else entirely. I'm naming it the Darth Vader in the way of increased and sustainable momentum - change fatigue.

Vast numbers of people are suffering from this dis-ease. Failure to address it will kill your business.

How did we get here?

McKinsey and other leading experts have long suggested, based on their research, that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver their intended benefits. In our work since 1991 we conclude that the average failure rate is between 51% and 54% for healthy teams.

Change fatigue is a key reason for this low success rate. It's evidence of the dark side and has 4 fundamental faces:

1) Change isn't being embraced in a human way.

Read more about this here.

2) People aren't being fully present in the moment.

Read more about this here.

3) People are being snared by subtle traps.

I explore 3 traps here, opinion overload, the sea of sameness, and media mania. They may not be trapping you, yet I'll bet they're symptomatic of what is stifling your momentum.

4) We've overcomplicated pretty much everything

Find out more here.

Making Change Work For You: A Risk-Free Way To Remove 'Darth Vader' from your place

If there's evidence of change fatigue at your place and you’d like some real world, friendly and impartial advice on how to make this change game work for you and your organisation, I’d love to "meet" with you for an off-the-record chat. We'd do this via telephone or online.

To make that a high value conversation for you, we’ll keep it focused on your specific change objectives, a bit of context and where your change efforts are at so far.

Then, based on what you tell me in confidence, I’ll share my most vital insight (because I've found it's best to focus on one quantum leap at a time) that in my experience will make the biggest positive contribution to your efforts.

Of course, if we’re a great fit for each other and you’d like to discuss how we could work together going forward, fantastic. On the other hand, if either of us decides we’re not a great fit, no worries – you’ll still get top value from me that you can use straight away.

(And just so you know, I don’t do ‘hard sell’. That’s not what I believe works for effective change, so it would be against my own integrity for me to even go there.)

Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

So if that all sounds like a great fit for you and your situation, let’s have that off-the-record chat, shall we?

My number is +61 418 807 898.​