Discovering, unleashing and enhancing your (their) gifts (the #1. role of leadership) complimentary resources.

Enhancing your (their) gifts is 'sparkenation' 49 of 58 in my book Changing What's Normal. Here's an extract. To obtain your copy of the book with my compliments please telephone me on +61 418 807 898.

The two short videos below will help you to further to appreciate the concept. Your music is another word for gift as are voice, nature, element, bliss and one of my all time favourites from the Japanese who say Ikigai.

Below is the recording of the Accountability Accelerator about enhancing your (their) gifts. Here's the accompanying PDF. Accountability Accelerators are hosted for my clients at two convenient southern and northern hemisphere times on the first Monday of every month.

I explore enhancing your (their) gifts in detail in The Appreciative Leader handbook.

Contact me on +61 418 807 898 to make arrangements to obtain this resource with my compliments. You can view the companion resources web page to the handbook here.

Access more complimentary resources here.

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