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Since 1991

Master-classes and Mentoring For Leaders

And Leadership Teams.

I engaged Ian Berry to talk to my team and challenge them to bring their very best to the office every single day as we commenced the new financial year.

I recommend Ian as a value-add to any business leader or staff member and feel confident each participant will walk away inspired with a greater understanding of themselves and equipped with additional ideas and techniques of how to achieve their very best performance each and every day.

Luke Rieniets 
Senior Business Banking Manager, Bendigo Adelaide Bank Ltd

Programs available

Private for you and your team

Meticulously researched half-day master-classes.

Join other leaders

Ian conducts master-classes (with 1:1 mentoring options) near his home (Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne) on the third and fourth Wednesdays March through December. Find out more here.

Follow-through packages

Follow-through ensures insights, inspiration and ideas from your master-class become innovation in your workplace. Ian's aim is always to give you a minimum 10 times return on investment. Follow-through of course is key to guaranteeing such a return.

Follow-through can involve a number of methodologies which can be implemented online and in person or a combination of both. You can choose from short and succinct check-ins, after-action reviews and 1:1 and group mentoring sessions. In addition Ian will provide you with appropriate digital resources.

Here's an example

You might add an execution planning session in the afternoon following your morning master-class.

On the next day Ian could provide a 1:1 mentoring session for each member of your team.

You could then add 3 weekly 1:1 and/or group check-ins online.

Finally 30 days from the master-class you could engage Ian for an after-action-review in the morning and a fit for the future workshop in the afternoon.

What's in a master-class and mentoring for you and your team?

Ian will help you to adopt the two models pictured below in your own best way.

The consequences will be:
improved value creation and delivery (the essence of business),
competitive advantage (what every business must have to thrive),
and better business results at less personal cost (our deeply felt desire).

Getting to know Ian Berry CSP

From 1974 - 1991 Ian enjoyed a very successful corporate finance career including leading a 100million business unit.

He held Branch, Regional, and State manager roles in three Australian states receiving numerous awards for his leadership, development of people, and results. 

Since then Ian has been a mentor to more than 1000 business leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries.

He has become the world’s go to person for how humans can lead and thrive in the new world of work that is dominated by digital, data and disruption.

Ian holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, meaning he is in the top 7% of all professional speakers worldwide.

Ian is a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

Since 1991 Ian has given more than 2500 presentations.

This simple message always resonates with Ian’s clients.
For many it has been the starting point for profound change.

People don’t want to be appraised.

We want to be appreciated.

When appreciating people is in alignment with personal and business aspirations, backed up by accountability we are all capable of bringing the best version of ourselves to our work every day.

Ian Berry

Read, watch and listen to more of Ian’s unique insights here.

Ian Berry was excellent emceeing our BPW Geelong International Women’s Day Conference demonstrating great skills in keeping to time and linking all the presentations. He then brought it all together at the end with a standout presentation.

Liz Grant 
Program Co-ordinator Small Business Smart Business

The simplest most profound way to thrive on change is one quantum leap at a time

When you engage in a master-class with Ian he will help you to apply his proven change process model pictured below in your own best way.

Ian Berry spoke at my Academy for Chief Executives Group. He was a very popular speaker with my members, with average marks of 8.8. Ian’s authenticity and ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to leadership was refreshing, inspirational, motivational and had great take away value. As I say, he ‘calls a spade a shovel’, and I highly recommend him to any CEO or Managing Director who wants to positively impact performance within their organisation.

Joe Adams 
Academy for Chief Executives, Group 11 London

 Don't Die With Your Music Locked In You

a.k.a. Life’s too short for B.S.
or Self-leadership is everyone’s business

Working with Ian will help you to unleash and enhance your own and other people's gifts (music, talent, element). Ian believes this is the number one role of leadership. The two short videos below will give you insight into this most powerful of concepts.

There’s nothing quite like a human being fully alive. 

To witness this remarkable phenomenon we must unleash and enhance our own and other people’s gifts.

I call this the number one role of leadership.
Ian Berry

I wanted to write to say thank you again, for such an inspiring lecture you gave to the TEC 19 group, up in the Blue Mountains over a week ago. You have had a significant impact on my thinking for the future and life in general. I know I will have contact with you again.

Jacqueline Doon 
Managing Director, Ormco Pty Ltd, Australia

What Real Leaders Do and fake ones don't

One of Ian Berry’s special gifts is sharing stories other people feel themselves in.

When you participate in Ian's master-classes and work with him as your mentor you will be inspired  to explore who you need to be, what you need to do next, to elevate your leadership and be respected for your honesty and candour.

To lead is a privilege, an honour, and a continuous glorious guest.
It’s about living out loud every day; and learning, unlearning and relearning in public as well as in private.

Ian Berry

Ian is a rare gem. In the ever increasing complexity of today’s modern world, Ian is always there - personally as an incredible supporter, encourager and also as a wonderful navigator of possibility. In addition, Ian has presented for us on a number of occasions at various team events, providing memorable and immediately actionable insights for us to better our personal and business lives.

Peter Merrett

Here's a small snapshot of the clients Ian Berry has been privileged to work with since 1991

We have had some great presentations at our breakfasts, and your presentation was one of the very best ever.

Malcolm White
Managing Director, Communicat

Ian Berry - Providing Sustainable & Increased Momentum for Strong Businesses Since 1991

Let's Have An Off-the-Record Chat

Please telephone Ian on +61 418 807 898 for a no obligation chat.

Discuss your unique situation, and your dreams and challenges.

Explore how engaging Ian to conduct a master-class with your leadership team can add remarkable value to what you are already doing that’s working well for you.

Make sure you discuss with Ian his unique follow-through packages that ensure insights, inspiration and ideas become innovation. 

Ian has a real sense of engagement with his audience. He has the great ability to read the audience and adapt his presentation style to ensure a rewarding experience for all participants.

Ian is passionate, business savvy and very articulate. He is a proven winner with our syndicates as indicated by his consistently high ratings by members. Ian is a professional who can be relied upon to deliver on your expectations.

Barry Westhorpe
when Chief Executive - Victoria, Australia, The CEO Institute