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Hat tip to Derek Sivers for the idea of having a Now page.

In 2018, my 27th year in business I'm working on completing the research and writing of the third book in a trilogy, Value-driven Leadership aka Law of the Farm leadership.

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I am currently writing this final piece of the trilogy. I'm playing with and exploring the content as part of my Accountability Accelerators online on the first Monday of every month, and the fourth Wednesday of every month in person events. You can participate with my compliments in an online event or in person if you live in my neighbourhood. Details of both these events are here. Check them out and then telephone me on +61 418 807 898 to arrange your complimentary pass.

There's also a companion resources web page which I am developing as I finalise each chapter. You can view progress here.

Access more resources here.

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For help in integrating any of the content of these books into your workplace in your own best way please telephone me on +61 418 807 898 to explore options. You'll be under no obligation.

Bob Bradley, Executive Chairman, MD2MD, United Kingdom

Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley
Executive Chairman, MD2MD, United Kingdom

Ian gave an excellent talk to MD2MD - a group of challenging Managing Directors. He challenged them, he gave them food for thought and he gave them useful practical take away tools that they could use the next day. I'd recommend him strongly.

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