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One-off professional services
(one hour, one day, or over one month)

For your convenience you can download an overview with links of all my professional services here.

I solve the human problem that most people don’t yet know they’re remarkable or they’ve forgotten they’re remarkable. This of course has massive implications for well-being, productivity, and the prosperity of your business and society, let alone the ability for your business to solve the human problem that is your purpose. Imagine the difference it will make to your personal and business life when more people believe they're remarkable and act accordingly! How we're all remarkable explained here.

Our work together all depends on your unique situation.

We'll use the change process pictured below to pinpoint precisely the one area of focus that's best for you right now.

One-off professional services next step

Please telephone me on +61 418 807 898 to explore further the one hour, one day, or over one month options overviewed below. You’ll be under no obligation.

One hour options

1) a candid, convivial, and confidential conversation online or in person when you know you've got to change something to get your life back and/or your business on a different track, and you’d highly value a chat with someone who’s been around the block a few times.

2) A tailored talk for your leadership team.

Please note that one hour can be extended to 75 or 90 minutes when in person and that 18, 30, or 45 minutes are also available online and in person. Find out more here.

One day options

Master-class for you and your leadership team in the morning, execution planning session in the afternoon on implementing the best insights/inspiration/ideas determined in the master-class.

One month options

1) Master-class/execution planning as described above.

2) Weekly online check-in with you as agreed actions are implemented and/or other mentoring and support as agreed.

3) Half-day review of results with you and/or your team and a strategy and execution planning session on what’s next.

One day and One month options can be preceded by a Business Vitality Check-up

These are a bit like the in person check-ups I have with my oncologist.

I've been battling the melanoma disease for over 40 years and the check-ups are a key ingredient to help me to ensure that I'm winning the battle!Using blood tests, PET/CT scans and other tests, combined with the expertise of my doctor and his colleagues, we stay on top of everything that matters. In particular we can spot trouble early enough that it can be dealt with quickly and not be costly in the long term. One of the biggest benefits is the peace of mind that we're doing everything necessary to win.

In the same way I use proven tools and techniques and my expertise to put your business under the microscope. And I provide you with a succinct report including suggested actions to take to guarantee the long term health and success of your business.

Your monthly arrangement can continue through: 
1:1 master-mentor relationship. Find out more here.
Online and in person master-mind groups. Find out more here.
Talks and/or master-class series and mentoring. Find out more here.

The alternatives to all of the above Take the Remarkablise Your Leadership Self-directed Achievement Online Course. Begin here.

Or you can participate in my flagship experience The Remarkablise Your Leadership Two Day Symposium and 5 months Pioneers Program. All the details are here.

Ian is a rare gem. In the ever increasing complexity of today’s modern world, Ian is always there - personally as an incredible supporter, encourager and also as a wonderful navigator of possibility. In addition, Ian has presented for us on a number of occasions at various team events, providing memorable and immediately actionable insights for us to better our personal and business lives.

Peter Merrett
Head of Customer Experience Property and Asset Management - Jones Lang LaSalle Australia