Ian Berry's One On One and Group Mentoring Services

I believe you're the master and I'm the mentor. 

I explore this concept in the 4 minutes and 45 seconds video below.

Programs available in a nutshell

Projects run for 13 weeks (90 days) at a time and are meticulously researched with agreed objectives documented.

We meet formally together 1:1 or as a group (in person, online or a combination of both) up to 8 times and informally as often as we agree.

Progress is tracked against agreed objectives.

The very best leaders are highly driven and skilled at creating more leaders and nurturing people’s nature (enhancing their gifts) so that they consistently bring the best version of themselves to their work every day. I've named this maestro mentoring.

Such mentoring has it’s own unique characteristics as well as building on the skills pictured below.

My work with you is all about co-creating small yet significant shifts (quantum leaps) in these areas.

Next Step

Should the contents of the video and model above resonate with you then we should talk. My number is +61 418 807 898.

You'll be under no obligation. The first step to any master/mentor relationship is a candid, convivial and compassionate conversation to see how I can help you and if we are the right fit for one another.

Michael Hoddy IBM Alliance Director EMEA-LAM, Schneider Electric, Europe

Michael Hoddy

when IBM Alliance Director EMEA-LAM, Schneider Electric, Europe

I first met Ian Berry when he was a keynote speaker at an Institute of Directors event in UK. His presentation was passionate and sincere, and his wisdom quite simply compelling.

Since then, I have been fortunate to actively benefit from Ian’s guidance and advice, which have helped me to focus my leadership on both a personal and business level. I count Ian as an outstanding mentor, and I value his input, support and guidance very highly.

How we work together

A signature of my work with you is that while what I say is important, it's nowhere near as important as what you hear yourself say to yourself, who you become and then do your own unique work.

My work with you is all about helping you to identify and implement or integrate proven principles in your own best way, that mean you're achieving your better business results at less human and business cost.

In the spirit of something better

You have a great business, full of great people, who are doing great work. My work with you therefore is always about being respectful and honouring of what has been and is, yet always with the intention that we are in the continuous pursuit of something better and turning great into remarkable.

Always one month at a time

Although projects are planned for 13 weeks at a time you will only ever be invoiced monthly in advance and therefore have a monthly exit option. Each month we will review shared objectives and agreed measurements and decide together whether to continue or not.

Both 1:1 and group mentoring sessions whether online or in person are usually for one hour.

Other Options

You can participate in my monthly master-class in Ballarat and we then meet for a 1:1 and/or a a group in between.

We can meet monthly in person and check-in weekly online. This option is great for groups as well as 1:1's.

I could chair or be a part of your advisory board and provide as agreed mentoring between board meetings. I've played active roles on the boards of eight diverse organisations and have been instrumental in their sustainable and profitable growth, with one of these organisations (Townsend Building Services) achieving 570% growth in just under 5 years.

I'm very flexible. Let's talk! My number is +61 418 807 898.

John McNamara, Executive General Manager – Statutory Workers Compensation, Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd

John McNamara

CEO Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd Australia

Ian Berry has been a catalyst for a number of our people improving their performance. I have personally benefitted greatly from Ian’s mentoring. He has unique powers in helping people to become change champions. I highly recommend him.

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