About Ian Berry, Possibility Activist, Mentor For Leaders, Plan-on-a-page Pioneer

Your people can make or break your business. Lack of investment in leadership and talent development pretty much guarantees break!

For over 30 years I've been working with leaders in privately owned and family businesses, proven purpose driven organisations and corporations, and sole professional service providers, to see and bring out the best in people.

Leaders seeking to:

  • Increase personal meaning in your work as well as the value you deliver.
  • Improve life/work harmony.
  • Reduce business costs and better manage risks and red tape.
  • Lift your employee and client/customer experience.
  • Better track and keep visible your quest to thrive, contribute and prosper.

I’ve had the privilege of working with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries.

Leaders like Sarah, who was frustrated by 30% employee turnover and with my help turned the problem around and reduced the number to 15%.
You can read more examples of how I’ve worked with people like Sarah and you to transform their businesses and to achieve your best results at the least personal and business costs.

There are three powerful lessons at the heart of these success stories that hold true for the most profitable and successful businesses:

1. People leadership: leadership and talent development, in short magnifying and enhancing people’s essence (character, uniqueness);

2. Process management: ensuring processes, which include policies, procedures, practices, philosophies, principles, structures and systems, mean it’s simple for people to bring their essence to their work;

3. Sustainable progress (the art of keeping progress in meaningful work visible and desired value delivery a consistent and delightful experience for employees, clients/customers and other stakeholders.

I can help you to do these in your business, and in your own best way.

How we can work together

I mentor a handful of business leaders 1:1 and in small groups, online and/or in person . I also facilitate catalyst conversations which end with documented execution plans on a page about how you will turn possibility into reality. 

Contact me at +61 418 807 898 to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit or complete the form below.

Chris Pike

​General Manager, Culture and Community, Surf Coast Shire Council

​I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian for close to two years in one-on-one and group settings. Ian’s unconventional in his approach (refreshing!) but works to a brilliantly simple yet powerful philosophy that centres around our experiences as human beings (shocking I know!!). He’s a purpose and values-driven mentor and team builder who I’d recommend to anyone.


From 1974 - 1991 I enjoyed a very successful corporate finance career including leading a 100million business unit.

I held Branch, Regional, and State manager roles in three Australian states receiving numerous awards for my leadership, development of people, and results.

In private practice since 1991 I've had the privilege to work worldwide with purpose-driven people in a myriad of industries as a business mentor. I'm a pioneer in the development and use of one-page plans and many associated innovations such as one-sentence strategy and one-quantum leap at a time momentum.

I worked as a full time Professional Speaker for 28 years. Today I speak for just a small number of organisations by special arrangement.

I'm a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

The time, energy and money you invest in people development and business process improvement should yield you the greatest return of all your investments. I’m here for you to make this possibility a reality.

Below is a snapshot of some of the organisations where I've helped individuals/teams to turn possibility into reality since 1991

​Narelle Mason

​​Finance Accountant/Enterprise Manager, Ballarat and Queen's Anglican Grammar School

​​Ian adds value & depth to structure, people development, meetings and conversations. Mentoring sessions are always enlightening and solutions based. For any business that is needing to thrive through change, Ian can offer a range of tools to support this with a humanised approach.

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