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Welcome to the companion resources web page for the Remarkable Workplaces Book (the final in a trilogy)

Donovan Ryan

Manager Digital Technology Section ARPANSA

I first heard Ian speak a number of years ago and was inspired by his understanding of what motivates people to do their best work. I immediately purchased his first book (Changing What’s Normal) and have closely followed his ideas ever since. Remarkable Workplaces is an evolution of these ideas and I feel this is Ian’s best work yet. I have adopted the principles Ian shares in this book (in my own way) which has enabled me to develop my own unique leadership style and positively influence my workplace culture.

This web page is currently being developed as I complete the research and writing of this the final book in the trilogy.

Publication at this stage will be early 2019 when this web page will be finalised.

I'm currently working on (what I expect will be the penultimate) draft 13. You can download draft 12 here.

draft cover

Companion resources to this book

Should you like any help please contact me on 0418 807 898. I also encourage you to share your progress online in an Accountability and Appreciation Cafe/Wine, Whiskey and Wisdom Bar held 12.30 - 1.30 and 5 - 6  pm on the first Monday of every month (except January and December), or in person at a Maverick Thinkers Farm event.

Opposite is content page for draft 12 to give you insight into the content of the book.

A major aim of this book is to inspire you to be a Sparkenator in your own best way through increasing your capacity in the seven relationship enhancement roles pictured.

For a refresher on the law of the farm please watch Grandpa's Story below

Sparkenation 1. Common-cause

The change I’m seeking to make with you are shifts in being, feeling, thinking and doing that mean the maximum number of people in your workplace feel valued, live values and are delivering value.

Sparkenation 2. Cognition

You can get Steven Pressfield's Do The Work book here.

You can get digital copies of my Changing What's Normal book and The Appreciative Leader handbook via the links in the complimentary resources file download.

Remarkable Workplaces is the final book in this trilogy.

Sparkenation 3: Convention

I explore my convention pictured opposite in this conversation with my friend and colleague, psychologist Peter Milligan.

I love Peter's red and green zones discussed. You can download his models here and here.

Sparkenation 4: Consciousness

The number one skill of leadership is self-awareness. The number two skill is awareness of others.

A key to both is unlocking our music (gifts, talents) as I explore in the short video opposite.

Seeing people as they can be is the first step to helping people to discover their unique music/gifts/talents.

My ‘You’re Special’ story illustrates how I believe we should see and treat people.

Sparkenation 5 Compete With Yourself

You'll find the Compete With Yourself exercise in the short and succinct Reasons, Relationships, and Routines Guarantee Results Course here.

Download my rituals/standards one pager here.

Below is the recording of the Accelerator held on 20th March 2017 about enhancing your (their) gifts. Here's the accompanying PDF.

Enhancing your (their) gifts I believe is the number one role of leadership. Should you not yet be familiar with the concept get the first and second books in this trilogy, Changing What's Normal and The Appreciative Leader. For a quick refresher read the original blog post here. 

Below is the recording of the first Appreciative Leaders Accelerator that was held on 13th February 2017. My apologies that only about half the session was recorded. (I was engrossed in the conversation and forgot to press the record button!). Please read The Appreciative Leader to familiarise yourself with the 8 conversations.

Here's the PDF discussed in the recording below.

The Essential Conversations Matrix below is designed to help you to stay focused and keep everything in perspective. Please download the ebook referenced in the book by clicking on the image below.

Sparkenation 6: Concentration

This sparkenation was greatly inspired by Glenn Capelli's wit, wisdom and work and his master-class in Ballarat on June 27th 2018. You can download Glenn's handout from this master-class by clicking on it.

A key to concentration is the wonderful idea of 'Essentialism' and it's key concept "less but better"Read more about this.

Sparkenation 7: Communication

In the 'The four success principles of powerful presentations' part of the communication sparkenation I refer to the resources opposite and highly recommend them.

More about Graham Davies.

Download PDF version of Speakership here, 

and Think here.

Here's an example of my use of the pink sheet process for Valued, Values, Value:

'The significance of who with, where, and when and why of sharing your stories' is a blog post I wrote in 2017.

Please read post.

This post contains a video of one of my own signature stories and links to the books pictured

Sparkenation 8: Collaborate

You'll find the link to the video of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's TEDx presentation here.

Below are the Seven special steps to successful collaboration from pages 99 and 100 in Changing What's Normal

1. Establish that there is agreement concerning the goal/s, objective/s, or aim/s. Don’t move on until you are absolutely certain there is agreement.
2. State what you can and will do to achieve the goal/s, objective/s, or aim/s.
3. Ask the other person or people involved to state what they can and will do to achieve the goal/s, objective/s, or aim/s.
4. State what you feel are the milestones or measurements that will indicate that you are on on track to achieve what you say you will in 2.
5. Ask the other person or people involved to state what they feel are the milestones or measurements that will indicate that they are on on track to achieve what they say they will
in 3.
6. Agree on the dates and times that you will be in touch with each other to discuss progress and celebrate achievements.
7. Confirm in writing via email or letter your agreements in 2. through 6. and ask for a confirmation response from the other person or people involved.

Sparkenation 11 Coexistence

You'll find the actions relating to the above change process at the companion resources page to The Appreciative Leader handbook.

Here's the Dr. Amantha Imber article referenced. And here is the article Amantha mentions about the 6 innovation mistakes.

'Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on this instead' by James Clear. Also by James 'This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent and Here’s What Happened.'

You'll find the 19 Really Useful Techniques for making difficult conversations history ebook here.

You'll find ‘The great questions remarkable leaders often ask’ ebook here.

Below is a 30 minute conversation between my friend and colleague from Paris David Ednie where I explore compete with yourself, collaborating and following a change process, and David shares some insights into organisational change.

Here are the slides David used and here are mine.

Sparkenation 12: Connections

Sparkenation 13: Co-promises

Pictured below are the plan and co-promises on a page and PPP documents and templates referenced. Download them all in one document.

‘The People Centered Economy: The New Ecosystem For Work’ makes my recommended business books to read list because it’s focus is on raising the value of people in stark contrast to what most business leaders are trying to do, lower the cost of tasks.

For a short time this book made my top 21 list.

Get this book here.

Top 21 list.

Full recommended list.

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Peter Taylor - CEO, Townsend Building Services

Peter Taylor

CEO Townsend Building Services

As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.