Self-leadership is everyone's business.

Where are you leading yourself in 2022? 

Hi I'm Ian Berry

For over 30 years I've been helping executives, business owners and leaders, and professional services providers, to be the very best human being you can be.

In the 5 minutes and 46 seconds first video I explore the simplicity yet profoundness of focusing on being the best human being we can be.

I offer four pathways which I explore in the 1 minute and 56 seconds video What's In Me For You.

Learn more about Community Groups,
Bespoke Mentoring,
We Need To Talk,
Wise Conversations.

'Pay what you feel is right for you' is a feature of us working together.

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I have known and worked with Ian for over 11 years since he first facilitated a Strategy Event with our UK Executive Committee.

Ian has steadfast values and principles that it is only through engaging sincere connections with people that we can lead, inform and serve our teams and communities.

Ian regularly challenges our actions and assumptions to encourage us to trust ourselves as well as trust our teams. Leadership is a privilege bestowed on us by others, and our focus should be centred on serving people in the best interests of such individuals and the entire group. I truly value Ian's input and regular engagement.

Terry Mc Givern
Regional Managing Director (CEER ME APAC)Kingspan Light + Air

Brief Backstory

In 2011 I published Changing What’s Normal. It was the book I always wanted to write about how all change is personal first, relationship change second, and organisational change a distant third. 

In the book I introduced the concept of Sparkenation - a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.

Researching and writing the book over three years increased my passion and curiosity for evoking sparkenations and about how ways of working would change and continue to change (for the better).

I created a formula for helping you to thrive in the future of work. It's about storytelling, human being centred conversations, and peer group mentoring with 1:1 support. 

I’ve specialised in this work since 2012. My predominant work back then was presentations and providing mentoring in person. I've been in the room with more than a million people since 1990.

I’ve shifted to hosting conversations and providing mentoring primarily online. I still do some in person work.

Next Step

Let's have a conversation (complimentary) to explore options and decide together what suits you best.

Please send me a text to +61 418 807 898 during Australian business hours or 7.30 - 9.30 AM both United Kingdom and Europe times.

I will call you to schedule our conversation. This precious time together gives me the opportunity to hear your story, to explore possibilities, and for you when appropriate to decide a package that suits you best. 

We can do this by phone or on Zoom.