21st century leadership book series

Between August 2020 and August 2023 my goal is to publish or republish the 12 books in the series:

  1. Changing What's Normal (originally published June 2011)
    Print version Republished August 2020. Kindle and other digital versions published September 2020). Now available on Amazon. See below.
  2. Heart-Leadership (I'm on the final write. Publication due end of November 2020). You can pre-order here.
  3. The Appreciative Leader 
  4. Remarkable Workplaces
  5. 52 Actions of the Wise
  6. Meaningful Work and The Meaning of Life
  7. The Delightful Design of a Distinguished 21st century organisation
  8. Sustaining Shared-view in the Seven Areas of Significance
  9. Turning ideas into innovation rather than ideology
  10. Keep, Cease, Begin - a methodology for perpetual renaissance in life and work 
  11. Differencemakers - how doing good is great for business
  12. Myths, Metaphors, Memories and Other Matters of the Heart

In Changing What's Normal I introduced the concept of Sparkenation - a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.

The book contains 58 sparkenations.

Changing What's Normal is the book I always wanted to write. It's about all change being personal first, relationship change second and organisational change a distant third.




More about Changing What's Normal and more testimonials from readers here.

I had the privilege of experiencing your address to delegates at an Australian Institute of Office Professionals conference in Adelaide in 2013. I also purchased your book, ‘Changing What’s Normal’ - you kindly signed it for me and encouraged me to continue being the difference I want to see. 

I have since re-read your book many times and ‘done my work’ by acting upon your sparkenations. I have tried to live and promote the philosophy of enlightened self-interest, and can honestly say you have had a profound impact on both my professional and private life.

Sue Miller
Executive Assistant to CEO & Mayor Mount Barker District Council