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Welcome to the companion resources web page for The Appreciative Leader handbook

This handbook is only available in PDF format. You can download it with my compliments from here.

The handbook was originally published as a signed, numbered, limited edition.

Companion resources to The Appreciative Leader Handbook

Warning: don't be overwhelmed by everything that is below.
The Appreciative Leader handbook is not a book,
rather a resource you'll
work with one piece at a time.

The companion resources are all here simply for the convenience of enabling your access from one place.

Should you like any help please contact me on +61 418 807 898

Part 1. The 3 pillars of the new world of work

The CEDA article referenced about 40% of jobs disappearing in the next 10 -15 years is here.

You'll find the Fast Company article I quote futurist Dr. Graeme Codrington from here. Note in the sidebar there are links to many great articles on the new world of work.

You can get Steven Pressfield's Do The Work book here.

The Appreciate Leader is the second work in a trilogy that began with the Changing What's Normal book which you can down with my compliments here.

You can access the third work, Remarkable Workplaces here.

You can get Firms of Endearment here.

You can get Chapter One here.

You can get Essentialism here.

You can get Jan Carlzon's Moments of Truth book here.

Find out all about Appreciative Inquiry here.

Mark Roeder's The Big Mo – why momentum now rules our world is here. 

Part 2. 11 Underpinning Principles

Download the 12 ways to maintain an attitude of gratitude here.

The Zero Moment of Truth ebook is here.

More on What's The Future of Business by Brian Solis here.

You'll find The EMyth here.

Part 3. Sustaining Shared-view In Seven Areas of Significance
Where The Most Successful Leaders Standout

Sparkenation 15 Where are you now (reality, what is)?

You'll find Paul Jun’s article about self-disruption and improving self-awareness here. It's a great starting place for self-reflection and self-improvement as an Appreciative Leader.

Download The Appreciating What Is exercise here.

Sparkenation 16 Where are you going (possibility, what can be)?

The bit about “Some things need to be believed to be seen.” is at the 27 minutes mark in the Guy Kawasaki video opposite.

You can download the 'Shifting from reality (what is) to Possibility (What Can Be)' document here.

You can download my PPP here.

The Training Journal article on how gratitude can improve your personal well-being is here.

You can get 'The Art Of Possibility' here.

Sparkenation 17 Why are you going where you’re going (purpose)?

The 'Find Your Purpose' online course by Nick Haines and Matthew Newnham from Five Institute is here.

No study of purpose would be complete without reading Simon Sinek's ‘Start With Why’ book and watching his TED talk. You'll find them here.

Get ‘Scaling Up’ by Verne Harnish here.

If you'd like more insights into why 'enhancing their gifts' is the number one role of leadership 'The Talent Masters' which you can get here is a great read.

Sir Ken Robinson is a genius and his books reflect his gifts as much as his most watched TED talks. You can get the books pictured opposite here.

Take The Vitality Test here.

Sparkenation 18 How will you get there (strategy)?

If you're not yet familiar with creating manifestos check out those at Change This here.

There's also many great manifestos at Geoff McDonald's dedicated site here.

My BS Free Workplaces manifesto is here, and the Conceiving and and achieving highly successful change initiatives manifesto here.

The strategy in a sentence exercise that you can emulate is in the 8 minutes and 42 seconds video opposite.

The link to the six-word concept in the last slide of the slideshare opposite is here.

Sparkenation 19 Who will do what and when (execution)?

There's an example role clarity statement here. It illustrates the key principles not so much the content. Getting the content right for people is a skill you may need help with to learn.

The McKinsey article referenced is here.

More on Your Resistance and overcoming it here.

The slideshare summary of the 70:20:10 framework referenced in the handbook no longer exists. Please go here for insights into the framework.

There's an amazing toolkit here to help you to embrace 70:20:10 in your own best way.

The findings from the DDI research are here.

How To Stop Wasting Time: A Guide to Effective Meetings is here.

In the video opposite I demonstrate The Double A (Appreciation and Accountability) technique.

The further candid and convivial conversation techniques using wise questions referenced are available via The Appreciative Leader Community website.

You can download the 15Five ebook pictured here.

Find out more about the online and in person master-mind groups referenced on page 47 of the handbook here.

Sparkenation 20 How will you know you’re on track (milestones and lead measures)?

The Ruth Henderson article is here.

Masami Sato's Impact Score visual is here, and Verne Harnish’s take on lead measures and visuals is here.

More on rituals and standards (Derek Mills) here.

Sparkenation 21 How will you behave along the way (culture and values)?

More on vuja de from a great thinker Warren Berger here. I also love Warren's ebook which you can download here.

My promise is here, and Nordstrom, the US department store, promise is here.

How your values are lived determines your culture and ultimately your success. This requires work. "You Can’t Automate Culture," as Meghan Biro asserts in a wonderful article 'Will Technology Replace HR in 2016?' which you'll find here.

My interview with Phil Hayes-St.Clair on scaling culture is here.

Further inspiration to Stop Being A Manager and Let Your People Get On With Management is contained in the videos below.

You can download the diagnostic above here.

Part 4 The 8 roles appreciative leaders play remarkably well

Sparkenation 22 Foundation Role of The Appreciative Leader - Maverick Thinker

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The Rebels. The Troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

My Pinterest list of maverick thinkers is here.

You can get Alan's book here, and Ricardo's here.

Sparkenation 23 Intention Role of The Appreciative Leader
- Maestro of gift (talent) enhancement

Goethe's principle for your reflection and adaption in your own best way is contained in the video opposite.

My interview with Gihan Perera on remarkable leadership and enhancing gifts is here.

I'm mentioning Sir Ken Robinson's books again because they are essential reading for Appreciative Leaders. You'll find them here.

You can get Steven Farber's book here.

You can get Daniel Pink's book here.

You can get Joseph Campbell's book here.

Sparkenation 24 Pivotal Role of The Appreciative Leader
- Mentor for the motivated/disrupter for the demotivated

Here's the link for Tomorrow Today's New World of Work newsletter.

Sparkenation 25 Focus Role of The Appreciative Leader
- Magnifier of Magnificence

Get the Everybody Matters book here.

More about The Platinum Rule here.

Sparkenation 26 Authenticity Role of The Appreciative Leader
- Connoisseur of Candour

You can get Margaret's book from here, and Ed Catmull's book from here.

The Colin James piece is here and the Matt Church article is here.

Read more about 'radical candorTM' here and here.

Sparkenation 27 Traction Role of The Appreciative Leader
- Story-sharer of Significance

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

You can get this book here.

My full recommended reading list is here.

Sparkenation 28 Credibility role
- Exemplar of Execution

Sparkenation 29 Purpose role
- Disruptive influence for good

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