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Watch the three videos below (total viewing time 20 minutes and 12 seconds). Then take the three actions on page 3 of the workbook, in your own best way. I'd suggest doing the advanced work on page 3 too. Please download the workbook here.

For greater understanding of The Law of the Farm please watch Grandpa's Story below

Get the Changing What's Normal book here.

Watch the Compete With Yourself / Collaborate video below (viewing time 18 minutes and 6 seconds). Then take the two actions on page 4 of the workbook, in your own best way.

Wait 24 hours before taking the action on page 5 of the workbook, in your own best way.

Next Step

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My next book in the 21st century leadership series following on from Changing What's Normal and Heart-Leadership Become the wise lead you want to be, is a book about shared-view bringing in personal and relationship insights to the organisational ones that are central to the Shared-view online course. My aim is to have this book published by the end of 2021. All my books are complimentary for Wise Leaders Community members.

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