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The book is an assertion, guide, toolkit and invitation to become the wise leader you want to be. 

You are such an inspiration of action! I loved reading your book it was so you – full of generous, wonderful wisdom. Two sentences I am holding on to are “your heart knows” and also “one-of-a-kind human being”. Such beautiful words to anchor in. 

Jacquie Landeman, New Zealand Finance Ltd trading as Grabaloan

I’ve been privileged to be a member of the peer groups that have workshopped Ian’s last three books including this one. I’ve learned that leading from my heart, speaking from my heart, and then letting my head and hands drive the outcomes is an awesome way to live and to lead. 

Jamie Wilson
Victorian Regional Sales Manager
Haymes Paint

In work and in life, you have an inner ‘knowing’ of what is right, how to lead, how to nurture to achieve the best for yourself, and other people. Heart-Leadership gives words to that ‘knowing’ and helps you to articulate what you know, and to share it in your own best way.

Dr. Simone Boer, A/Manager Leisure and Recreation Services, City of Greater Geelong

Timely. An essential guide to what we all need right now - in business and in life. 

Geoff McDonald, Ideas Architect

Ian Berry has produced an important and ground-breaking work which is a crucial addition to our knowledge of leadership and how better leadership can improve all our communities.

If you are leading or aspiring to lead at any level Ian's book provides a framework, many insights and a toolkit for you to move effectively, genuinely and transparently forward to transform your own leadership and inspire those around you. 

This is a transformational work and I cannot recommend it highly enough for leaders wishing to shape a better future. 

John F Kennedy BSc FIDM
CMO/Chief Strategist/Digital & Data Science Marketing

Without Heart-Leadership there is no real leadership. This is a book – a pathway – a necessity - for our time.

Glenn Capelli CSP Sir Winston Churchill Fellow

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The video below is 1 of 28. 24 (all under 5 minutes) are about Heart-Leadership

Two of the other videos are recordings of conversations we've had in the Heart-Leadership Online Village in order to give you a feel for our peer group. There's a less than a minute video of footage of me opening the first box of the Heart-Leadership books.
The final video is a 41 minute conversation that I had with my friend and colleague Geoff McDonald about the book.

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The podcast below is the last of 24 recorded consecutively about Heart-Leadership between 20th June and 27th November 2020. 

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