Ian Berry

Welcome to the Heart-leadership Videos, Podcasts and Courses and Resources Page

I've completed the writing of the working draft of the Heart-leadership book. I'm soon to workshop in the inaugural peer group program 'Heart-leadership is the new norma'l on August 25th 2020. As I do this and complete the writing to meet the end of November 2020 publishing date, I'm producing videos, podcasts, courses and resources for posterity.

Download the book excerpt here.

PS there's still 3 places available for the inaugural program. See link above.

Magnificence online course

3 short videos and a download. Get started here.

Shared-view course

Short videos and podcasts on each of the seven areas of significance and a 1 page diagnostic. Get started here.

Reasons, Relationships and Routines Guarantee Results Course

5 videos and downloadable workbook. Get started here.

Next Step

My skills are sensing the essence of your Heart-Leadership and shining a light on possible pathways for enhancement.

Here's how we can work together.