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On September 15th I completed facilitating a 4 session online program using the working draft of the Heart-Leadership book as content. The draft is also with a selected group of people whom I have asked for input. I will complete the writing in time for the end of November 2020 publishing deadline.

Download the book excerpt here.

Special offers when you Pre-order the Heart-Leadership paperback book

Pre-order 10 books for $300 and receive a bespoke 90 minute online group mentoring session valued at $770.

 Pre-order 25 books for $750 and receive a bespoke 90 minute online presentation/conversation valued at $1650.

Pre-order 50 books for $1500 and receive a 3 sessions by 90 minutes online leading for leaders program valued at $3300 that will equip 10 people to integrate Heart-Leadership with what is already working well in your enterprise.

To make your order please telephone me on +61 418 807 898 in office hours AEST.

If none of these options appeals to you just sing out and we can work on what's suitable for you.

Videos (all under 5 minutes)

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Magnificence online course

3 short videos and a download. Get started here.

Shared-view course

Short videos and podcasts on each of the seven areas of significance and a 1 page diagnostic. Get started here.

Reasons, Relationships and Routines Guarantee Results Course

5 videos and downloadable workbook. Get started here.

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My skills are sensing the essence of your Heart-Leadership and shining a light on possible pathways for enhancement.

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