Along with having mentors belonging to a leadership peer group is essential for personal growth.

I've dedicated a major part of my working life to leading/co-leading peer groups since 1985.

Wise Leaders is the latest evolution.

Introducing Wise Leaders Online Village

a safe and creative place to become the wise leader you want to be.

The video above is an unedited example of part of one our Residents gatherings.

The Wise Leaders Online Village is peer groups of six to twelve people per group meeting only online. There is also a peer group forming who will meet in person in Geelong, Australia as well as online. 

Please contact me on 0418 807 898 to express interest in becoming a member of this Geelong group. Alternatively you can register complimentary for the preview event being held on July 1st. Learn more and register here.

We provide support and are supported in being and becoming the wise leaders we want to be.

Would you love to join us in an online village group? Scroll to the bottom of this page for details of how to receive an invitation and to explore your investment options.

Meet The Current Residents

Every month we feature one of our Residents.

Simone is one of nine current residents in this group. A new group is soon commencing which will meet at an AM Europe time.

The other members are: 
Brad Smith who is the COO of a major claims management company, 
Paul Schmeja the CEO of a customer and employee experience company, 
Laura Potter a leader in strategy in Local Government, Brian Happ is also a leader in Local Government,  
Jamie Wilson a State Sales Manager for a family owned business, 
Donovan Ryan is an IT Manager for a Federal Government Agency, 
Doug Smith runs his own boutique bookkeeping practice,
David Sproules is a relationship manager for a major bank.

Simone Boer

Simone is a transformational coach both local and international.

Lear more about Simone.

Simone says: "Having deep conversations that are topical among a group of peers is energising and brings forth new perspectives to be able to be fed right back into your life and work. I enjoy my time within the group in order to gain new perspectives of the world around me."

Simone was my special guest for the complimentary first Wednesday Sparkenation Conversation on March 3rd. You can view the recording here. Village Residents Donovan, Laura and Paul also participated.

Simone will be co-leading the Geelong Wise Leaders Peer Group referenced above.

Resident benefits in a nutshell

Leading can be lonely. We want third places in addition to home and work where it's safe to be and do out loud, to question, share and to be valued. The Wise Leaders Online Village is such a place.

  • Residents meet weekly (group may decide less often) for an hour of peer-to-peer candid, convivial, compassionate, conscious and compelling conversation. 
  • I provide a group mentoring session on a topic suggested by Residents once a month.
  • I provide an optional quarterly or twice yearly bespoke mentoring session for Residents 1:1, for you and your teams or any group of people you choose (limit is 25 people).
  • Residents receive a signed copy of my books as they are published or republished.
  • Residents call me on the telephone as often as they wish.

Membership is by invitation only from me or one of the Residents

You are most welcome to contact me on +61 418 807 898 to explore becoming a Resident. You will be under no obligation. There is also a complimentary trial option. You can participate in a weekly meet-up and one of the monthly group mentoring sessions. Just let me know you are interested when you call or discuss with a Resident you know. 

Your Investment 

Your investment in the weekly meet-up, monthly group mentoring session and receiving signed copies of all the books as they are published is $1650 p.a. (payable monthly, quarterly, or annually in advance in Australian dollars.)

Your Investment for mentoring sessions (in addition to above)

Fees are value based and depend on your unique circumstances. (90 minute sessions 1:1, team, or groups of up to 25 people.)

Membership of the Wise Leaders Online Village is one of three levels available in the overall Wise Leaders Community. Learn more about Conversations Membership which is complimentary and Mentoring Membership here.

A key to Wise Leadership is leading with and from your heart. Want to know more about Heart-Leadership?

Get the book here.

At this link there are complimentary short videos (the majority are under 5 minutes) and short podcasts (all under 10 minutes), as well as self-directed online courses.

Watch the 42 minutes video below