a self-directed online course 
for leaders with heart.

Hi I'm Ian Berry. 

Welcome to Magnificence self-directed online course (all on this page).

Increasing the number of people happy being magnificent begins with heart-leadership - the art of seeing, sometimes unearthing, mostly magnifying and enhancing people’s essence (difference-making personal significance) including your own. 

Action 1

After watching the 5 minutes and 50 seconds video opposite reflect and write in your notebook or journal 3 ways that you will be a happy being magnificent role model.

My favourite metaphors for essence are song, voice and music.

Action 2
After watching the 4 minutes and 44 seconds video opposite write down in your journal a song that you could use as a theme for your life right now.

What do the words of your chosen song tell you your essence might be? Remember your essence is what is your difference-making personal significance.

Action 3
The 2 minutes and 20 seconds video opposite takes a quick look at several further resources that can help you to know your essence. Download the PDF here that contains links to all the resources referenced in the video.

Reflect on all of the above including your responses to actions 1 & 2 and describe your essence in one sentence or in a few words.

Action 4
Decide how you will magnify and enhance your essence and how you will help other people to do the same.

Possible Next Steps

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