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Below are recordings of previous conversations with special guest sages.

Jessica Berry on The Art of Intruition.
Erica Bagshaw on Heart-connected Leadership.
Dawn Kotzer on Mojo Now. 
Brad Tonini on Selling in the new world.

More videos here.

Peter Merrett on Awakening Wonder.
Simone Boer on setting yourself free from limiting beliefs.
David Deane-spread on The consistent truth about leadership.
Jason Fox on What roles will you play in 2021.
Colin James on What Covid has taught us aboutCommunication.
Paul Schmeja on Delivering The Experience.
Simone Boer onThe Keys To A Fulfilled Life.
Peter Milligan on Love Living In Your Learning Zone.
Anne Riches on Navigating The Mindfield.
Steve Simpson on UGR’s (Unwritten Ground Rules) and Culture.
Susan Furness on Strategic Heartistry.

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