Ian Berry

Ian Berry's Online Events

always live, 
never voice over slides, all participants on video, maximum number of people 16 per event.

I've been hosting complimentary online conversations about people leadership, process innovation and    progress sustainability for more than a decade. These are the three pillars of my passion and expertise heart-leadership.

On the first Wednesday's (3.30 PM AEST) of every month I host a complimentary Sparkenation conversation with a very special guest. On September 2nd my guest is Peter Milligan (see details and registration below).

On the third Tuesday of every month at 10 AM AEST I host a hot topic Sparkenation Conversation. This is repeated every third Wednesday at 3.30 PM AEST. See links below for August 2020 events. 

Tuesday August 18th 10 AM the hot topic is 'Heart-leadership is the new normal.'  Learn more and register here. 

I repeat this topic Wednesday August 19th at 3.30 PM AEST. Learn more and register here.

On Tuesday August 25th the inaugural Heart-leadership peer group program begins (see details and registration below).

Each conversation is designed to sparkenate based on the concept of a Sparkenation (see symbol opposite). A Sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.

The videos below are the recordings of the August 2020 conversation with Anne Riches on Navigating The Mindfield, and the July 2020 conversation with Steve Simpson on UGR's (unwritten ground rules) and culture.

Every Sparkenation Conversation contains these wonderful ingredients:

  • safe, peer group environment,
  • high energy, 
  • candid, convivial, compassionate, conscious, and compelling conversation,
  • humour,
  • prominence given to curiosity, sense of wonder and generosity,
  • heart stirring and thought shifting moments,
  • relevant, timely, immediately useable content that is also 
highly valuable in the long term,
  • leads you to small yet significant shifts (quantum leaps) you decide to make in your own best way.

Every First Wednesday at 3.30 pm AEST I engage in a Sparkenation conversation with a sage in their field.

On September 2nd my guest is Peter Milligan. We'll be having a conversation about How to Love Living in your Learning Zone. This session is an opportunity for us to step back and consider the cognitive and emotional underpinnings of learning, why we resist it and how we can embrace it.

 Learn more and register for this complimentary conversation.

Inaugural Heart-leadership 4 sessions online peer-group program commences on August 25th 2020

Details and registration here.

I participate in Ian's events online and in person on a regular basis. I always leave inspired and with something of value that I can begin to implement immediately.

Jamie Wilson
State Sales Manager Victoria, Haymes Paint