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In the 5 minutes and 46 seconds video below I explore the simplicity yet profoundness of focusing on being the best human being we can be.

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Wise Conversations Manifesto

  • Human being centred.
  • Unearthing and unleashing our best humanness.
  • Maintaining high value and mutually rewarding relationships.
  • Accentuating joy.
  • Nurturing our insights, inspirations, ideas and far-sight.
  • Being our best one moment at a time.
  • Enhancing our essence (our unique gifts/talents/skills/attitudes)
  • Innovating every day, i.e. shifting away from the status quo when sameness is no longer serving us.
  • Naming it when we temporarily lose shared-view in our relationships, and stopping to regain it.
  • Gratitude is our foundation and having “an attitude of gratitude" our key behaviour.