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Please download the PDF of this workbook with my compliments here.

The 108 page workbook was originally published as a limited edition for my clients. I acknowledge them in the workbook which includes case studies. It was a wonderful two year exercise where we met for three hours every month to workshop the content.

Here is Executive Summary

The change I’m seeking to make with you are shifts in being, feeling, thinking and
doing that mean the maximum number of people in your workplace feel valued, live
values and are delivering value.

Think, read, listen, watch, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention with the never-ending curiosity of a child and the hard-earned wisdom of a grandparent.

My way of making change happen is to use enlightened language that elevates
conversations which enrich relationships. You can easily adopt my convention in your
own best way.

Our aim in a our work together is to ensure that high levels of self-awareness and
awareness of others are a hallmark of your workplace culture.

Compete with yourself
Your only competitor is the person you looked at in the mirror this morning. Your life’s
quest is to be the best version of you, the one-of-a-kind human being you are.

“Less But Better” is a great motto for life and work. You become who you focus on
being and less but better ensures laser like focus.

Creating and sustaining shared-view (ours) in seven areas of significance (reality,
possibility, purpose, strategy, execution, progress and culture) is a consequence of
wise, witty and warm communication, powerful presentations and candid, convivial
and compassionate conversations.

Opposition, Competition, Us and Them and references to They are all relics of the
past. The best present and future are all about Us, We and Embracing Mwe (Me + We= Mwe)

We gather where we feel genuine connection with fellow human beings, and have a
sense of belonging, meaning and being cared for. 

Our lives are a continuous cycle of living, loving, leading and leaving (our
contribution) which result in our legacy.

Enlightened self-interest, sustaining shared-view and noticing (mindfulness) are the
essentials of coexistence and living in harmony with one another.

"Making progress in meaningful work visible” is one of the truly great success
principles. It is one of the consequences of being deeply connected to fellow human

Our ultimate success depends on fulfilling co-promises that mean people feel valued,
live values and that ensure we’re better and wiser in delivering value.

For assistance with any of the content please telephone me on +61 418 807 898.

This is a great book. Structure, Style and Sensibility. People will Read it, Use it and Love it!

Glenn Capelli, Better, Smarter Wiser Professional Speaker, Churchill Fellow

A major aim of this workbook is to inspire you to be a Sparkenator in your own best way through increasing your capacity in the seven relationship enhancement roles pictured.

For a refresher on the law of the farm please watch Grandpa's Story below

Mother model

a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what’s normal.

Co - jointly, mutually, shared, connected.

Deliberate Practice - purposeful, systematic, focused attention.

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Sparkenation 1. Common-cause

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The change I’m seeking to make with you are shifts in being, feeling, thinking and doing that mean the maximum number of people in your workplace feel valued, live values and are delivering value. 

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