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There's a shorter course here. It's about how reasons, relationships and routines guarantee results. 

This 5 module course is all on this page.

Your Key Outcomes From Completing This Course

Better business results at less personal and business costs.

More people leading and being accountable in your business meaning more discretion for you to pay attention to what really matters to you.

Mastery in your own best way of the critical success factors of remarkablising your leadership.

Discovery of unique ways to change and ensure your business is fit for the future.

Guarantee of a sustainable and profitable future.

Let's Get Started

Module One - Seeing Yourself As Remarkable And Becoming Who You See

We are all unique. Not a single duplicate in the 100 billion lives that have walked planet earth. When we bring our best, free of BS, we are all remarkable.

Everyone's birth is remarkable. Being born at all is even more remarkable. For most men only one or two of the 500 billion sperm cells produced in a lifetime reach the female egg, one of less than 500 that each woman produces in her life. The fact that any of us is alive at all says to me that every life has a profound purpose. Robert Louis Stevenson put it this way:

To be who we are, and to become all that we are capable of becoming, is the only purpose in life.

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Real leadership is living this purpose and inspiring others to do the same.

Your challenge is that many people don't know or they've forgotten they're remarkable. Therefore they need inspiring, reminding, and sometimes persuading.


Watch the 4 videos below with your team and discuss together (after you watch each video) what you hear yourselves say to yourselves and what actions you feel you should take in your workplace.

Viewing time 5 minutes 51 seconds.

Viewing time 7 minutes 25 seconds.

Discuss how you will move the happy being miserable (the disengaged) and the happy being mediocre (those open to persuasion) up to be being happy being magnificent (fully engaged).

Viewing time 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

Viewing time 8 minutes 3 seconds.

Discuss what actions you will take to help yourself, each other, and your employees to be human beings fully alive as illustrated in the diagram below. And discuss how you can each be better role models for your employees.

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Module Two - Valued, Values, Value


The remarkablisation of your leadership, team, and workplace largely depends on the extent to which your people feel valued, live values, and deliver value. Your leadership, management and culture drive these are are therefore critical to your success. Discuss the model above with your team. What do you feel/think about the definitions? Where currently do you have performance gaps? What's the one thing you will focus on next to close these gaps?

The living of values (or not!) underpins much of what happens in your team and workplace. Discuss the story in video above and decide how you will better articulate behaviours that would mean you are living your values.

Module Three - Unleashing and Enhancing Their (Your) Gifts

The deepest human desire is a craving to be appreciated - William James

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For me the number one role of leadership is to unleash and enhance your gifts (talents) and those of other people. By doing so we bring alive the appreciation principle quoted above which I believe to be an essential foundation for maintaining consistent high levels of performance. Fully appreciating and getting the best out of yourself and other people is also a key to the other side of the coin, accountability, which we will explore in module 4.

The journey to unleashing and enhancing their (your) gifts begins with accepting every human being is a one-of-a-kind.


Watch the video on the left first to get a feel for the enhancing their gifts concept, and then the You're Special story. What's the one thing you will focus on next to remind everyone in your business that they are a one-of-a-kind human being?

Viewing time 9 minutes and 1 second.

Viewing time 12 minutes and 57 seconds.

To get started on unleashing and enhancing their (your) gifts watch the videos below beginning with What's Worth Celebrating and then construct your Performance Possibility Plan (PPP). You can download my PPP here so you can see what one looks like. It's is highly recommended that you do this work as a team so that you can compare notes, share insights, and eventually share your PPP.

On pages 3 and 4 of this tool there’s a list of frequently identified gifts that you can use to get started with gift identification.

Viewing time 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

Viewing time 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

6 more ways to unleash and enhance their (your) gifts, 3 fast track and 3 that require 'deep work'.

As a part of my work with more than 1000 leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries since 1991 I have completed every personality test and the like ever invented. The Vitality Test which you can complete complimentary here is far and away the best I've encountered. Have each member of your team complete the test and then have a conversation with them about what they heard themselves say to themselves when they read the report provided, and then focus on the value and contribution and leadership sections of the summary that is part of the report. Such conversations will lead to the identification/discovery of a gift to unleash and enhance.

Another fast track is to reread sparkenation 6 in my Changing What’s Normal book and help people to complete the diagnostic here. If you don't yet have the book please download it by clicking on the download link above in Module One. 

A third fast track is to have a conversation with life partners/children/friends/colleagues about what they say they love about you and then pick one to enhance in the next 90 day.

3 more unleashing and enhancing their (your) gifts options that require 'deep work'.

Study the book ‘The Talent Masters’ by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan should you want more insights into why ‘unleashing and enhancing people’s gifts’ is the number one role of leadership. You can get this book here.

Study the books ‘The Element’ and ‘Finding Your Element’ by Sir Ken Robinson. In the second book there are many great exercises to undertake to find your element (gifts). You'll find these books here.

View the 4 minutes and 44 seconds story opposite and reflect for a week on what your music is and then take action in your own best way.

Module Four - Candid and convivial communication and conversations

A key to unleashing and enhancing their (your) gifts, and to consistent high performance and well-being in general is using the results of your actions as a focus for your communication and conversations. Your PPP was designed to be focusing tool.


Integrate the following 8 conversations into all of your work with your team and over time your entire organisation.

1) Self-talk is the continual conversation You have with Yourself that overcomes Your 'Resistance’ and engages the very best version of You.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self” - said Ernest Hemingway.

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept of resistance you’ll find insights great insights here.

Peer review is the daily conversations you have with your peers that appreciate remarkable work and help everyone to be accountable. Having focusing tools is paramount. Your PPP is such a tool.

Feedforward is suggestions from others that provide insight and foresight for you to change your behaviour.

These are far more powerful than feedback. For more on Feedforward re-read Sparkenation 9 in my Changing What's Normal book and/or google Feedforward and Marshall Goldsmith.

Feedback is gifts of hindsight from others about the past to assist you in learning from actions taken or not.

Feedback is the most talked about conversation. It's valuable however in my view the least valuable of these 8 conversations.

After Action Reviews are structured conversations that appreciate what was remarkable, great, good, bad, and ugly about a specific action; imagine what can be next time; create/update PPPs in ways that reflect agreed personal and business behaviour changes, and stay, stop, start actions.

Weekly Check-ins are are short, sharp, weekly meetings online and/or in person where individuals and/or teams review what's happened and what's next, and agree on actions and accountability for the coming week.

Appreciative Leaders have mentors and are being mentors for others.

My thoughts on mentoring and the key being master-mentor relationships are here.

The majority of successful people I know are part of one or more master-mind groups (people mutually committed to each others’ success who meet regularly).

Each of the 7 conversations that really count explored previously are critical to successful master-mind groups.

The most successful teams are master-mind groups. Is yours? Are you a member of a master-mind group with peers external to your business?

A key to the success of all conversations is that they are candid and convivial.

A further key to successful conversations is that they must appreciate people when they do well and help them to be accountable when things don't go according to plan. The 12 minutes and 32 seconds video opposite demonstrates a simple way for you to appreciate and help people to be accountable.

Module Five - Sustaining shared-view in the seven areas of significance where the most successful leader stand out

We live in three worlds: the world in here, the world out there, and the world we share.

In here, our views are just that, out there are other people’s views. In the world we share (ours) are the views we agree on.

In any successful relationship the world we share is the critical one.

Human conflict is fundamentally the result of failure to agree on the goal or failure to agree on the actions to achieve the goal.

I guarantee that today all of our troubles, personal, local, organisational, national, and international, are fundamentally based in our perceived need to hang onto the world in here, our issues with the world out there, and, our failure to focus more on the world we share.


Watch the 7 seven short videos about shared-view here (and/or listen to the podcasts) and then complete the diagnostic.

This course has mainly focused on execution because that is the great challenge for all leaders.

To complete this course below are suggested actions to make it simple for people to buy into and own your strategy, and to ensure that everything you are and do is on purpose.

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