Presentation/conversations that enhance your Heart-Leadership

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My trademarks are no slides, engaging conversation, inspiring stories, meticulous research, bespoke work including extensive pre and post work.

My presentation/conversations are for 5 - 30 people online using Zoom. Sessions are for 1 hour to 90 minutes.

When there's no lockdowns in person I mostly work within my home state of Victoria, Australia. I visit my children and grandchild in Western Australia and South Australia and can sometimes be persuaded to be available for you while I'm in these places.

In the past I have done enough plane travel to last several lifetimes. I can be persuaded should we discover together a very compelling reason that is in your best interests for me to come to your place.

As a Professional Speaker I've given more than 3000 presentations (700+ keynotes and 2300+ presentation/conversations (over 500 online) from 30 minutes to 3 to 4 hours to 1 day).

I'm a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

We have had some great presentations at our breakfasts, and your presentation was one of the very best ever.

Malcolm White. Managing Director, Communicat

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Next Step

The simplest way to contact me to discuss a presentation/conversation just for you is by telephone during Australian business hours. My number is +61 418 807 898.

You can text to this number anytime wherever you are. I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Alternatively please email me with suggested times to contact you