Welcome to my complimentary online course for sustaining shared-view in the twelve areas of significance where the most successful people stand out

Most of our troubles, personal, local, organisational, national, and international, are fundamentally based in our perceived need to hang onto the world in here (my view), our issues with the world out there (other people's views), and, our failure to focus more on the world we share (ours).

The exciting news is that when we find and sustain shared-view (ours) we can triumph over all our troubles.

Like some help in implementing and integrating the ideas presented in this course?

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'Pay what you feel is right for you' (applicable for both services)

In today’s world true value lies in the eyes of the beholder. Today choice is precious and something to be savoured and so I feel the best approach is for you is ‘pay what you feel is right for you’. This puts you in charge of deciding the value to you. 

I believe that paying a price that is relative to your income, and to the value you receive, is a fair system. Whatever amount you decide to invest is only ever known to you and me.

I realise that deciding how much to invest can be difficult and so I offer the option to call and discuss with me and we then reach a shared-view. My number is +61 418 807 898.

This four minutes and three seconds video was filmed in June 2022.

It adds five areas of significance to the original seven (macro), (see below).

The micro five

  • Values Behaviours.
  • Role clarity and purpose.
  • Outputs.
  • How people are inspired to feel valued.
  • Other non-negoitables in addition to the above four (decision-making, employee value promise, hybrid arrangements, trust.)

Values Must Be Behaviours

This blog post summarises my feelings and thoughts about values behaviours.

It includes a link to one of my most watched videos 'Are your values on the wall, lived in the hall.'

The blog post also includes references to Dov Seidman's great work about 'sustainable values.'

Role clarity and purpose

In this blog post I share how we all win when everyone is playing their role. The post includes two stories that demonstrate this, a template for creating role clarity statements, and a link to a podcast of the post.

In this blog post I share what I believe are nineteen essentials for remarkable value creation and delivery.


I find that there are three main reasons for human conflict:

  1. Disagreement about the outputs (read goal/s, objective/s, or aim/s).
  2. Disagreement about how the outputs will be achieved.
  3. Assumption of agreement in 1. and/or 2., and a negative response when such assumptions result in perceived betrayal.

At this blog post there's a path you can adopt in your own best way to resolve any conflict, disagreement, or difficulty. There's also links to two podcasts about collaboration that will help you further.

Inspiring people to feel valued

In the very best organisations I've observed that people feel valued, live values and deliver and exchange agreed value. These three are the glue of Heart-Leadership. Learn more about Heart-Leadership here.

In this blog post I explore a few ways to inspire people to feel valued, and also take a look at what can happen next - people also feeling fulfilled and loved. The ultimate organisation is one where people feel valued, fulfilled and loved. Sustaining shared-view is a key strategy to achieve this.

Other Non-negoitables - Decision-making

Here's the major decision-making model that I recommend starting with to organisations, teams, cohorts, peer groups, that don't have a process. Also below is a change process that I also recommend for every day/in the moment decisions. Learn more about this here.

Other Non-negoitables - Employee Value Promise

Vision, mission and values statements are relics of the past. The new world of work is about people feeling valued, living values, and delivering and exchanging value. An Employee Value Promise (EVP) is a key instrument that helps to achieve all three.

An EVP should document on-a-page the major promises

  • an employer is making to employees, 
  • employees to each other, and, 
  • employees to employers.

Other Non-negoitables - Hybrid Arrangements 

At this blog post I explore three essentials. Role Clarity we have already looked at. The other two are belonging and wise leadership.

Other Non-negoitables - Trust

How well do you trust yourself? In this blog post I expand on three ways to trust yourself more.

In this blog post, which includes a link to a podcast, I explore trustworthiness further. The post also includes a link to Brene Brown's seven elements of trust.

The Edelman Trust Barometer is a highly valuable tool I refer to often. Try it yourself here.

In the workplace, at the macro level, the most successful people sustain shared-view in seven areas of significance as overviewed in the diagnostic below. You can download the diagnostic here.

You can also download this diagnostic via a short action paper that I published in August 2019.

I take a quick look at each of the seven areas in the videos and podcasts below.


The 'one great idea' is that full appreciation of what is, dramatically increases your likelihood of achieving what can be (possibility).

What have been your key learnings, or perhaps un-learnings and re-learnings?

Who will you become? What will you do next?

How will you implement your decisions? How will you integrate these with what is already working well for you?