It's likely that when you hear the words "we need to talk" your reaction is neutral at best. More than likely you immediately feel something negative or you start thinking about worse case scenarios.

What if "we need to talk" was a positive, caring and creative experience? This is exactly what this program is about.

Each 'We Need To Talk' episode is designed to help you to hone your one-of-a-kind leadership through storytelling, conversation and mentoring.

Each episode of 'We Need To Talk' is a 90 minute online experience where I share a story like the one above and we then have a conversation about what you hear yourself say to yourself, who you will become, and what you will do next. You then share your own stories. Limited to 7 people per episode.

I’ll be beginning the next episodes with a story about how I learned the hard way that real leadership is all about serving others, never ourselves.

There's three ways to participate in a 'We Need To Talk' Experience 

  1. Episode five of We Need To Talk is on at 5.30 PM AEST/8.30 AM UK time Tuesday 19th October. Episode six commences at 10 AM AEST on Thursday October 21st. This means that wherever you are in the world you can participate at a comfortable time. $99AUD per episode.
  2. Take a seasons ticket (10 episodes in your time zone.) $770AUD.
  3. Register per episode and decide during the experience the investment you wish to make.

I'm thrilled to be using Humanitex to take care of registrations for these events. It means your participation helps support disadvantaged young girls. You can register direct below.

What I say is important yet nowhere near as important as what you hear yourself say to yourself, who you become, and what you do next.

Please register for the 5.30 PM October 19th episode here.

Please register for the 10 AM 21st October episode here.