There are three powerful lessons at the heart of the success of my clients 
and that hold true for the most profitable and successful businesses:

1. They put their people first and ensure they are working in the right roles for them.
2. They have strong processes that make it simple for their people to bring the best version of themselves to their work every day.
3. They view profit as an outcome of being remarkable at both of the above.

Darren was faced with serious challenges in sustaining desired growth. He ended up exceeding his best case desires.

You can read Darren's full case study below. It's a great example of how I’ve worked with people like him and you to transform their businesses and reach their goals. Inside the Remarkable Workplaces book, which you can download with my compliments here, there are further case studies.

Case Study - Darren


Faced with serious challenges in sustaining desired growth and profitability Darren decided in 2015 to review every aspect of his business with my help.

It became clear at the outset that Darren’s good reputation in the communities in which he operates were a key factor to his past success. It was also clear that this could be leveraged better.


A new franchise had just been purchased, there were rental agency changes and staff attitudes and therefore performance were inconsistent.

The consequences of these were a drop in desired profitability.

Solution/s Story and Result/s and Value

Everyone’s role was reviewed and clarified with individuals.

One consequence was a revelation that some key processes needed upgrading to both better enable people to fulfill their roles and also make interactions and transactions with customers simpler.

Improvements in standard operating policies, procedures and practices followed, checklists were introduced as was better use of technology e.g. Google docs

Now four years later Darren has doubled the size of his business, is sustaining good profits, plus employee and customer experience have reached industry enviable levels.

The above has all been achieved while moving to a much large premises at the main branch as well as opening two further branches.

At the start of 2015 it became clear on the road ahead for my business we were facing some serious challenges.

We had just purchased the Budget franchise and were experiencing inconsistent business results, some big rental agency changes, and some poor staff attitudes had crept in.

I had heard Ian speak at a function in 2014 and I had been impressed with the message of his talk that day.

Ian has worked as a mentor to me ever since. He also runs sessions and works 1:1 with my staff.

We continue to make small yet significant shifts in how we conduct our business that make a significant difference with my key people, how we work, and to our results.

Darren Rix
Franchisee Avis Ballarat & Western Victoria, Budget Ballarat & Bendigo