Wise Leaders Community is a safe, peer group space online* to support others and to be supported in becoming the wise leader you want to be.

We have candid, convivial, compassionate, conscious and compelling conversations in small groups.

Conversations are reinforced with carefully crafted resources and bespoke mentoring on request.

*We also meet in person in my home state of Victoria, Australia.

Our Value Promise

  • Bespoke care, advice and being there for you.
  • Immediately useable, and for the long term insights, inspiration, ideas, 
and guides, tools, techniques, templates and checklists.
  • Being vulnerable and fearless in the moment and leaving a legacy in the now.
  • Bettering the art of seeing, sometimes unearthing, mostly magnifying and enhancing 
people's essence including our own.
  • Business process innovation that makes it simple for people to bring their essence to their work.
  • Keeping progress in meaningful work visible.
  • Structured yet organic, relevant and regular peer group gatherings.
  • Enhancing life/work harmony.

Please choose an appropriate for you level of membership from the three options:

Wise Leaders Conversations  Membership is complimentary. To join subscribe to my monthly newsletter below. 

Members receive:

  • A ticket to every first and third Wednesday live events online. Your ticket is transferrable to nominated colleagues when you cannot participate. Learn more about these events here. 
  • My monthly newsletter which is the place to gain access to my processes, tools and workbooks and handbooks.

Wise Leaders Mentoring Membership is by application. 

A complimentary 30 minute session is available for us to get to know one another and explore options.

Members receive:

  • All Wise Leaders Conversations Member benefits PLUS
  • All my books.
  • Bespoke group mentoring and 1:1 support.

Learn more about mentoring here.

Wise Leaders Online Village Resident Membership* is by invitation from a current member or myself.

Members receive:

  • All Wise Leaders Conversations Member benefits PLUS
  • All my books.
  • Membership of a 6 - 12 people online peer group who have a regular conversation at times that suits you with a special seminar from me once a month.

You are most welcome to contact me on +61 418 807 898 during AEST office hours to explore membership.

*Please note a group who will meet in person in Geelong, Australia, as well as online is currently forming.

Co-leader Simone Boer and myself are hosting a complimentary preview session on July 1st. Details and registration here.

Wise Leaders Conversations, Wise Leaders Mentoring, and Wise Leaders Online Village Members all meet together online twice a year.

Wherever wise leaders are people feel valued, live values and deliver and exchange value.

Wise leaders lead from and with your heart.

The two minutes and 37 seconds video opposite introduces such leadership

Learn more about Heart-Leadership here. 

In this document are the details of how you can schedule a no fee Valued, Values, Value online presentation.